What’s Next?…Digital Grandparents

Digital GrandparentsMoms have gone digital in a big way. There are about 32 million moms who regularly use social media. Of course, some of those moms are also grandmothers or will become grandmothers in the next decade. Over at Mediapost, Holly Pavlika writes about how today’s moms “will bring in a new era of grandparenting.”

There are about 70 million grandparents in the U.S. – they are one of the largest and most powerful consumer segments in the country, according to Grandparents.com. The vast majority of grandparents go online at least once a day. Here are some other stats about this demographic:

• 92% are online at least once a day

• 83% research online

• 70% make purchases online

• 67% regularly shop online

• 99% share things from the internet with friends and family

• 97% listed email as their top online activity, but they also use Facebook, Skype and Instagram

By 2025, Grandparents.com estimates that one in four Americans will be a grandparent. So what does this mean for marketers? We’ll have to keep in mind that digital no longer means “young.” Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and online gaming will continue to grow in popularity among older demographics (while younger people will, no doubt, move on to the next big digital discovery).

Mom bloggers will eventually morph into grandma bloggers and will continue to spread word-of-mouth about new products. In an effort to appeal to these grandma bloggers, gift, apparel, and toy brands will begin to tailor their campaign to older women.

Today’s grandparents are much more active and open to media experiences than grandparents of the past. They are also more involved in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives – look for them to “friend” them on Facebook and tweet family photos in the near future.