What Women Want (At Work)

What’s more important: money or life balance? A recent study from Accenture’s Defining Success research conducted for International Women’s Day 2013 found that women value flexibility over money when it comes to job satisfaction.

By an overwhelming majority, the women surveyed said they prefer flexibility and a better work-life balance (58%) more than a bigger paycheck (45%). A whopping 85% said that flexible work hours would reduce their stress, while 80% said that having a flexible work schedule is “very important” or “extremely important.”

The study didn’t survey men, but it would be interesting to see how their responses compare. Do men value flexible work schedules as much as women?

Also, the Accenture research didn’t take into account what percentage of the women surveyed are parents. Although most employees enjoy a certain amount of flexibility, parents often require it (when their kids are home sick, for instance). As long as mothers (even ones working outside the home) continue to be the primary childcare providers, they will continue to value flexibility.

Along those lines, a recent New York Magazine article resuscitated the Mommy Wars issue by suggesting that even self-described feminist moms are leaving the job market to say home with their kids.

Here at Child’s Play, where families are always top of mind because of our focus on moms, we offer flexible hours, even at the most senior levels. Perhaps if more employers offered flexible work environments, parents wouldn’t feel the need to choose between work and family. What do you think?