Welcome, Bellybuds!

Starting today, Mom Market Trends will be hosting a series of guest posts. Our very first – on the Friday before Mother’s Day – is from our own Marie Baker, Director of Team Mom, our company’s award-winning mom blogger network. Marie is soon to become a first-time mom herself and would like to share the news about a new Child’s Play Communications client, bellybuds.

As a publicist, it’s always exciting to have the opportunity to work with products that you personally love! As a mom-to-be – that’s right, two months to go – I’ve been addicted to one such product: bellybuds.

This weekend will be Mother’s Day, and this is one gift I think expectant mothers would love to receive. Bellybuds are a stylish and fun way to bond with your baby by playing audio to the womb.  You can play music or other sounds (like recorded voice messages from grandma), and they reach the baby at a safe decibel level.

Just plug in any standard mp3, digital music player or sound device, and the bellyphones can be placed anywhere on the abdomen.

What’s great about this device versus others on the market is that bellybuds are wearable speakers that adhere right to the belly. That’s right – no crazy belts or strange contraptions. These bellyphones just stick right on there with reusable and skin-safe hydrogel. Not only are they comfortable and easy to use, but bellybuds are also portable – this means you can wear them while you exercise, work or go shopping!

Being music aficionados, my husband and I take our future child’s music tastes very seriously. So when I first showed my husband bellybuds, he was pretty excited. In fact, his first reaction was, “Wow, I wish I had thought of this idea!”

So, what music does this little one like? What tunes has the baby reacted to the most?

After regular usage, I am sad to report that our future rock star seems to prefer my husband’s taste in music. Truth be told, I think this little one might actually share my husband’s obsession with Tom Petty. Oh well, what can you do?

If you are on the hunt for a last minute gift for the mom-to-be in your life, or you have a baby shower coming up, be sure to check out bellybuds. The Deluxe Pack retails for about $49.99. For more information, please visit www.bellybuds.com.

Readers, what was your favorite gift to get as a mom-to-be? Bloggers, if you are interested in checking out bellybuds for yourself – just let us know!