Is Twitter’s participation in real trouble or just going through a lull?

Last week The Wall Street Journal, and many other news outlets, reported an unexpected slowdown in Twitter usage and a decline in the company’s stock prices.  Although Twitter has become a staple for marketing campaigns, news media outlets, celebrities and more, four out of five Americans with Internet access don’t use this platform regularly.

According to the WSJ, many users feel that Twitter is not really necessary to connect with brands and catch up on news since they can do both via Facebook, television and the Internet. The constraint of 140 characters is cited as a challenge on this platform more so for older users. Professor Dhiraj Murthy, the author of “Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age” states that the biggest issue for general users is that Twitter connections are usually not personal and tend to be acquaintances, humorous strangers and celebrities. “You obviously may not know everyone on Facebook very well, but overall you tend to have stronger relationships there than with the people you follow on Twitter,” says Murthy.

Although we’re seeing a challenge with the general market, Twitter is still a top tool for the mom audience. According to the BabyCenter Millennial Mom study, moms use the platform to voice their opinions, gather information from other moms and connect with brands.

How active are you on Twitter, both business and personal accounts? Do you have a steady stream of audience interaction with your brand?