Tools for Reaching the Millennial Mom

Last November, I wrote a post about the  Millennial mom and what makes her tick. Last Thursday, BabyCenter hosted its annual Insights Series to reveal the findings from its 2014 Millennial Mom Report. The key takeaway for marketers: The best way to reach and connect with Millennial moms is via their smartphones.

Millennial moms are spending more time on their mobile devices than previous generations. They use smartphones and mobile apps for most daily tasks including looking up recipes, searching for parenting advice, managing bills and shopping.  Consuming media via smartphones saves time and allows them to multi task. For instance, if a mom is up for a 2am feeding she can easily order groceries and take care of her online banking needs with ease.

According to BabyCenter the top mom apps fall into these categories:

  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Pregnancy and parenting
  • Banking and mobile payment
  • Music and video – Pandora, YouTube
  • Email
  • Gaming such as Candy Crush
  • Amazon for shopping

For Millennial moms, sharing and participating in the conversation is fundamental: On average, they spend 8.3 hours daily consuming media, with most of that time spent watching streaming video.  They also peruse the internet for creative ways to save money (via online discounts and coupon apps) and earn money (whether it’s on eBay, as virtual assistants or brand ambassadors or by heavily promoting their business projects on social media).

83% of new moms are Millennials, so this is not a consumer to be ignored.