Super Mom, Part 2

My last blog was about the power of moms on a large scale — a national program related to healthcare overhaul. But as many of my readers know, sometimes moms — and social media — can have an effect on more mundane matters as well — like the ability to order a burger at a fast food place.

Last week Sarah Gilbert of was annoyed by the fact that the folks at  the local Burgerville — known for its eco-conscious ways — refused to serve her because she was ordering from the drive-through while driving a bike rather than a car. She sent off an angry tweet — and later posted an angry letter on her blog. By the next day, the company had apologized and shortly thereafter revamped its policy to be more bicycle friendly.

By the way, Sarah’s bike is no ordinary one, but a custom made stretch bike that fits all three of her kids, ages 2,4 and 7.