Summertime Blues? More like Green(s) – with Envy

I went back to work when my son was 6 weeks old. Then, like now, I would take a week or two here and there for vacation, and be grateful for it. But there were some women among my New York City circle who were stay-at-home moms – well-off stay-at-home moms — and able to spend entire summers on the sandy shores of Fire Island or the Hamptons, bonding with their kids and seeing their husbands only on weekends.

Were there days when I envied these moms?

You betcha.

And so it was intriguing to come across an article in last Sunday’s New York Times about that very same phenomenon.  One of the quotes in the article particularly drew my attention:

“When you stay in the city, you remain vulnerable to the feeling that all those who have left are giving their children experiences that are both more enriching and more fun.”

What do you think, moms: Would a summer away be a dream come true – or drive you crazy with boredom?