Social Media Moms Report

We know that moms are immersed in social media, but BabyCenter’s “2013 Social Mom Report” confirmed that moms are social leaders. In fact, moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the general population. The report found that 91% of moms now use social media regularly, an impressive 20% jump since 2010.

Moms also expect their friends and family to use social media, with 22% of moms saying that if their friends and family don’t use social media, they aren’t as involved in their lives.

The findings of this study were the result of an in-depth survey of over 1,480 moms and other online adults, social media diaries from 14 new and expectant moms, and a behavioral and secondary analysis with comScore covering e-commerce habits and social analytics.

“Today’s mom is the most influential and social consumer you’ll meet. Before she clicks to buy, she’s posted, pinned, tweeted, and shared,” said Mike Fogarty, SVP and Global Publisher at BabyCenter. “In fact, social media is so much a part of a mom’s life that checking her various social platforms comes before enjoying her first cup of coffee in the morning. In the three short years since our last report on this topic, social media has become so pervasive, it’s now fundamental to the way today’s moms live their lives.”

Back when BabyCenter released its 2010 Mom Social Influencer Report, Pinterest had just launched. Now, 61% of moms say they have used Pinterest in the last six months, nearly double its 30% usage among the general population.

It’s not surprising to learn that moms are early adopters of devices and that moms are very mobile. Moms are more likely to have smartphones than the general population and are more likely to have used Facebook in the past six months. They also use social media to do research on health and wellness advice, as well to research potential purchases.

Moms also connect with brands on social media, with 73% of them saying they use parenting social media for brand and product recommendations.

In addition to Facebook, moms have higher reach across all major social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Facebook is still central to moms’ lives, with 92% of them saying they share family milestones on the social network.

The report concludes with these excellent “New Rules for Marketing to Social Mom:”

  1. Recognize she’s different, and so are her needs; how and what you talk about matters.
  2. Create a give-and-take relationship based on what she finds valuable.
  3. Listen to her. Act on what she says; if she asks a question, answer it – every time.
  4. Talk to her about things that have nothing to do with you.
  5. Support her busy life, don’t make demands, nurture her journey.