Smart Moms and Smartphones Make the Season Jolly and Bright

Retailers and marketers have caught on that mobile devices are the most effective way to reach consumers — especially busy moms – this holiday season. A number of recent articles recognize the increasing reliance on mobiles and how sophisticated, savvy moms use them.

One recent article points to a dramatic surge in pre-Black Friday shopping as consumers began searching for specials, using their desktops, laptops and smartphones on Thanksgiving Day to make purchases.

Millennial Moms are particularly comfortable with their portable devices. They use their smartphones not only to keep their lives in order but also as a way to connect with other moms. And when it’s time for shopping, they can quickly compare prices at several stores, get recommendations on products from their network of friends and then decide whether they should shop online or hit the brick-and-mortar stores.

And if the moms venture to the malls, another report says that more than three-quarters of moms regularly use their smartphones while shopping in-store. The numbers are staggering: 79% use their mobile device specifically for shopping while in the store. Of those who shop in-store with their phones, 73% said they used their phone to comparison shop while in a mass retailer, 35% in a supermarket or grocery store, and 22% in a discount wholesaler.

BizReport also suggests that the availability of mobile coupons is one of the biggest factors for mobile influence.

A recent BabyCenter study reports that the impact of mobile devices on moms’ purchases has increased by more than 25%, a number that will only grow greater in coming years. According to Julie Michaelson, Vice President of Sales, BabyCenter, “Moms are becoming more savvy about leveraging their smartphones while shopping, and advertisers need to follow suit. Mobile is no longer a ‘good to have’ but a ‘must have’ when it comes to reaching Mom while she’s considering what, when, and where to buy.”