Shocking News–Not All Mom Bloggers Are Alike!

According to a recent article by eMarketer, not all mommy bloggers are alike! 

In fact,  eMarketer estimates that there are 3.9 million American women with children writing blogs, and concludes that those blogs cover “a wide variety of subjects, including parenting, couponing, travel, automobiles and technology.”


Truth be told, the company then makes this valid point: The fact that mommy bloggers are such a diverse groups is “a benefit and a challenge for marketers.”

It’s a benefit, from my point of view, because it allows so many different kinds of companies to reach so many different kinds of  moms. It’s a challenge because identifying the right moms for the right topic then approaching them in the right way requires a great deal of time and effort. 

It all goes back to what we’ve been saying to clients  for years — to work with mom bloggers most effectively you have to understand what they write about.  Marketers, here are some questions to ask yourselves when pitching mommy bloggers:

How does the fact that they are moms relate to the topic of their blogs?

Are they personal bloggers, review bloggers, neither or both?

If they do reviews, in what categories, and for what age ranges? Do they focus only on travel or on food, on fashion or on entertainment? Or are their posts instead based on a personal passion, whether for politics or an important social cause?

How do they want to work with you? By:

  • Receiving product samples, for reviews or giveaways?
  • Learning about exclusive discounts, coupons and other special offers?
  • Sitting down with you at your headquarters, connecting with you at a special event,  or going behind the scenes of your operation?
  • Interviewing a celebrity spokesperson?
  • Hosting a guest post from an expert?
  • Partnering with you to create awareness about an issue that is dear to them?
  • Not at all?

These are just a few of the many ways mommy blogs differ in their focus and in their approach. The more research a company does and the more genuine relationships it establishes, the more successful it will be in communicating with these social media moms.

Mom  bloggers, what would you like to add to the list above?