Are Selfies Helping or Hurting our Self-Image?

There’s no doubt that snapping a “selfie” is the latest craze among  teenage girls and young women on social media. However, studies show that this obsession with self-portraits can sometimes result in lower confidence and a fixation on one’s looks.

This selfie trend certainly hits home for us at Child’s Play, because we work with mom consumers who want to encourage their daughters’ self-esteem.

Some brands are now capitalizing on the selfie phenomenon, both by poking fun and by celebrating natural beauty.

  • Dove recently released a short film called “Selfie,” that shows mothers and daughters talking about “flaws” that others praise. Its accompanying #BeautyIs campaign for Twitter and Instagram encourages women to take selfies and talk about how they define beauty. Spoiler alert: it’s not always based on what’s seen on the outside!
  • The Today Show recently hosted “Love Your Selfie” week, featuring segments that target daughters, teenage girls and young women, encouraging them to appreciate their body image.
  • Ellen DeGeneres took the funny, celebrity packed, and now infamous selfie that made light of the trend and resulted in tons of visibility for Samsung, which provided the phone taking the photo.

Do you think the selfie craze is positive or negative for women? Have you ever taken a selfie?