How to be Pleasantly Persistent

As media relations specialists, my team and I are in a constant balancing act between being persistent enough to get our clients the results that they want and being mindful of our valued relationships with busy journalists.

I recently found some tips on Mashable on how to (nicely) follow up with just about anyone in the professional world. These are the five rules for being “pleasantly persistent”:

Rule 1: Be Overly Polite and Humble

Although it may be hard to remain polite after feeling ignored, it is important to show that you are friendly and you understand how busy your contact person is.

Rules 2: Persistent Doesn’t Mean Every Day

The standard protocol is to give your contact person one week before you follow up. You have to be memorable and not remembered as annoying.

Rule 3: Directly Ask if You Should Stop Reaching Out

If you do not hear from your contact person after a few attempts, follow up with one last email. In it, mention that if he or she is not interested, then please let you know if you should stop following up.

Rule 4: Stand Out in a Good Way

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of extra research and creativity to grab your contact person’s attention.

Rule 5: Change it Up

Instead of regularly emailing the same message at the same time, change the language and send it at a different time.

Do you have any special rules on following up? What are they?