Orlando, Here We Come!

I am SO excited about this coming weekend! As mom-blogger liaison for the Orlando/Orange Country Convention & Visitors Bureau, I had the  pleasure of inviting  eight fabulous mom bloggers and their kids to town for three days of sun and fun that will  include a tour of Disney Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld and Gatorland, plus a trip to a Blue Man Group performance — and lots of good food and good chat in between.  While I won’t be there for the whole event (darn and double darn!), Friday I am flying down  to meet everyone I’ve been connecting with over the past few months as we’ve pulled this exciting event together. I’d like to introduce you to the Orlando Moms (#OrlandoMom on Twitter) and invite you to  keep an eye out for what they have to say about their experiences.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing:

Stacie, The Divine Miss Mommy, a member of the Child’s Play Communications Team Mom blogger network, whom I met  at our November 2009  Bloggers Brunch in New York City; Miranda, Keeper of the Cheerios, another wonderful Team Mom-er; Amy, Mom Advice; Amy, Mom Spark, also a Team Mom-er; Jill, Musings from Me, who also attended our NY Bloggers Brunch;  Carol, NYCity Mama, another Brunch guest; Mindy, The Mommy Blog; and Jamie, Travel Savvy Mom.

To those of my blogger friends who may wonder why they weren’t on the list: There were very specific OOCVB criteria for this trip, including the child’s age and the blogger’s location, so let’s just say I hope to contact you for the next one!

In the meantime — everyone stay tuned for pictures!