Myth and the Mommy Blogger

Mommy bloggers have become so celebrated that a multitude of myths are wafting up around them. On Friday, Jessica Smith posted a great piece called the Top 10 Misconceptions About Mommy Bloggers on Mashable. From my own experience both as a marketer and a blogger, I couldn’t resist commenting below on some of the misconceptions she addresses:


·         Mommy Bloggers just write to get free stuff

·         Mommy Bloggers are uneducated, lack creativity, and don’t take writing seriously


Some mommy bloggers do just write to get free stuff—and why not, especially in this economy? But in return, they’re putting a lot of time and energy into letting their readers know exactly what they think about those products. Others at this stage are probably getting, from their point of view, too much free stuff, and it’s clearly not the reason they’re blogging. Their goal is to offer support and advice to other moms, build a reputation for themselves as influencers, and, increasingly to develop that positive visibility into professional opportunities. At Child’s Play Communications, where we specialize in marketing to moms, we rely on mom bloggers for educated feedback on everything from new products to the effective use of social media for our clients. We know from our relationships with them that many mommy bloggers come from PR, marketing, advertising and other fields where creativity and writing skills are key.                 


·         Blogging is considered a hobby by most Mommy Bloggers

Not any of the ones I’ve met – which would explain why we’re working with them on a regular basis. Hobby? Everyone I know seems to be running blogging empires or to be on their way to doing so.


·         Mommy Bloggers only write about baby-related topics of conversation

Some do – lots do. But they also write about politics, sex, fitness, illnesses, business and the state of the world. I’m a mom and I blog about social and marketing trends that affect moms. Does that make me a mommy blogger?


·         Mommy Bloggers make tons of cash

·         Mommy Bloggers don’t make any money at all

Exceptionally innovative, dedicated and marketing-savvy mommy bloggers become advisors for corporations, write books, serve as spokespeople, attract major advertising – and make tons of cash. Others make a little bit of cash. And still more aren’t in it for the bucks, will never make money from it anyway and don’t really care because that’s not why they’re blogging in the first place.

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  • This was excellent. You hit the nail on the head.