My Son Turned 21 Today

My son turned 21 today.

Yes, I know. This blog is supposed to be about the social and marketing trends that impact moms — and it has been since its start.

But not today. Today, my son turned 21 and for once, I’d like to blog as a mom rather than as a marketer.

Until I was in my early 30s, I had no interest in parenthood. None. I loved working: It challenged and motivated and excited me. There was no place in my head or in my heart for anything else.

And then.

And then, one day, a few years after I  married  a man who almost got away because he wanted children and I didn’t, my head began to swivel each time I passed a baby on the street. Linda Blair in The Exorcist had nothing on me. I wanted a child, and after one miscarriage, a bit of surgery, and a lot of pregnancy kits, (the child now known as ) CollegeBoy was born.  And I became that most miraculous of beings, a mother.

And for that, I am grateful to God,  my husband, the two doctors in the delivery room with me, healthy family genes,  luck, and a well executed Cesarean.

It was in that delivery room that  I fell completely, utterly, hopelessly in love.

My son turned 21 today, and this is what I wrote in his birthday card:

You are, and have always been, the light of our lives.

You are the best thing that ever happened to us.

We are so amazingly proud of you for the kind of man you are.

We wouldn’t change a thing.

Remember always that we are your best friends and greatest supporters through life.

Thank you for everything.


Love always, Mom and Dad