My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

This Thursday through Saturday, I’ll be attending the annual BlogHer conference, the largest gathering of women bloggers in the nation. My company, Child’s Play Communications, is sponsoring the first day of the session, known as BlogHer Business. During that event, I’ll have the opportunity to share my experiences working with mom bloggers, as the speaker in the Meet the Expert program, taking place just before lunch (11:30 on Thursday, July 23). I’m hoping that what I have learned will be helpful to others. And I hope that if you’re attending, you’ll join me.

I’m also very much looking forward to meeting, in person, the many mom bloggers we’ve worked with for our clients. Though we’ve had the good fortune to connect with many of them one:one in the past, there will be 1,400 bloggers attending this conference — providing a wonderful opportunity to spend time with those whose blogs I admire and whose tweets I have followed. I’m especially looking forward to saying hello (and treating to a very special dinner, on Thursday night) the wonderful moms who have made our award-winning Team Mom blogger network such a success.

Chicago, here I come!