More Moms Staying at Home

Here at Child’s Play, we are highly in tune with the needs and lives of working mothers. In fact, working mothers comprise our entire senior staff!

That’s why my ears perked up when I saw a new study this week from Pew Research showing that more moms are now staying at home with their children. This marks a reversal of many years of a trend in the opposite direction.  29% of U.S. moms stayed home in 2012, up from a historic low of 23% in 1999.

These moms are not necessarily staying home by choice. According to the study, six percent of the moms said they stayed at home because they could not find a job. Only one percent gave that answer in 1999.  Notably, today’s stay-at-home moms tend to be younger, less educated and more likely to be poor than women who work outside the home. A third live in poverty, compared with only 12% of working mothers. The research also found that Hispanic, Asian and immigrant mothers are more likely than their peers to stay home full time with children.

The study also says that Americans are somewhat divided in their opinions of a stay-at-home moms. Despite the fact that most mothers in the U.S. work at least part time, 60% of Americans say children are “better off” when a parent stays home to focus on the family, while 35% say they are just as well off when both parents work outside the home.

Do you stay at home with your children? Is it out of necessity or preference?