Moms and Travel: Survey Results

Planning a summer vacation? If so, you’re not alone, according to the findings from a new “Moms and Travel” survey of 275 moms.

Disney World and Disneyland topped the list of destinations where moms would like to take their kids, but Hawaii, Europe, California, and The National Parks also ranked high.

“Basically, anywhere fun,” replied one mom. “They have never been to Disney World and I know that would be a family dream come true!”

But moms aren’t only planning family trips. According to the findings of our recent survey, 41.2% of them are also travelling for work. Vacations aren’t just a once-a-year thing for the majority of respondents, with 43% saying they take 2-3 vacations a year and 18.9% saying they take more than 3 vacations a year. In contrast, 37.8% of respondents take 0-1 vacations per year.

Money is the most important factor when determining where to go, according to 43.7% of respondents, while 32.2% said that being “family-friendly” is most important. Other factors cited in deciding where to travel are visiting family (15.6%) and hobbies (3.7%). “It all depends on whether or not we have our kids,” said one mom, referring to how she decides where to go on vacation. “Easy travel logistics” are also important, according to another mom.

The vast majority of respondents (93.7%) said they travel with their children and mostly travel by car (88.9%) over airplane (35.9%) or other modes of transport (4.1%).

Vacations tend to last between 1-2 weeks, according to most respondents (45.2%); 38.1% said they are usually less than one week; 4.8% said they are usually more than 2 weeks; and 11.9% said they take long weekend trips.

47% of respondents said they have a “big summer vacation” planned.  A “dream vacation” involves “peace and quiet,” said one mom, while another said she would be happy to go “anywhere without the kids.” Another said she’d like to go “somewhere we’ve never been before that does not involve visiting family.”

Meanwhile, a recent survey from found that 72% of moms believe that airlines do not always adequately cater to families traveling with children.

Not surprisingly, the survey also found that moms find traveling with kids very stressful with 68% of moms rating their stress level as “moderate to extreme.” The main cause of anxiety? Moms are afraid that their child will disturb other passengers – even more than they were concerned about their child’s physical and mental comfort during the flight.

Clearly, airlines aren’t doing a great job of catering to families. With 64% of moms telling that they will likely be flying with their children in 2013, there’s a huge potential opportunity for airlines who want to court the family market.