Moms and Dads on the Web

We talk a lot about moms on the web, checking Facebook, blogging, watching YouTube, and taking care of personal finance. But obviously dads use the web too for many of the same reasons.

New stats point to the differences in the way moms and dads use the web. Moms use the web more than dads overall (with 89% of moms visiting in an average week, compared to 83% of dads).

But the most noticeable difference is when it comes to social networking. According to a USA Touchpoints analysis, 44% of moms visit social media sites on an average week compared to only 26% of dads.

Moms also visit more online banking sites than dads (39% to 30%) and more food and cooking sites (18% to 10% of dads).

The types of sites where more dads visited than moms are short video clips (for instance, YouTube), with 19% of dads vs. only 12% of moms; weather sites (20% of dads vs. 15% of moms); and news sites (43% of dads and 29% of moms).

In other words, there is a clear gender breakdown (which highlights traditional male and female roles) with moms visiting cooking sites and social networking sites and dads visiting news sites. Interestingly, moms spend more time on banking sites, a sign perhaps than women are managing household finances.

Are you surprised by any of these findings? What sort of sites do you spend the most time visiting?