When mom speaks, everyone listens

Crowdsourcing content has become increasingly important for brands to build consumer interaction, relationships and brand loyalty.

For brands focusing on the mom market, crowdsourcing has become a logical next step with the evolution of mom bloggers and brand ambassadors. Sharing information and opinions is nothing new for this group. Every mom has a voice and enjoys sharing with other moms, and brands, letting them know what works and what needs work.

Surveys repeatedly show that moms are the biggest users of social media and online communities/forums and most likely to create their own content. Crowdsourcing moms allows companies to generate content that makes their brand stand out to this influential consumer base.  The average mom blogger receives thousands of unique visitors per month and has Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram followers and/or Facebook fans, demonstrating to marketers that when mom speaks, everyone listens.

According to an article on business2businesscommunity.com, when it comes to crowdsourcing content, Fisher Price is “getting it right.” Here’s a company that has been around nearly a century and has been able to connect with Millennial and Gen X mothers, via vehicles relevant to their lives. To showcase their efforts, the brand has included mom-to-mom testimonials, reviews and peer points of view right on the website, the virtual face of the company.

Lisa Mancuso, SVP Marketing Fisher-Price, said in an interview with Forbes, “listening to Mom is the way we do business.” We couldn’t agree more with that approach.