Mom is Now the Family Media Manager

The proof is here: More than ever, mom is the household’s Chief Technology Officer/Family Media Manager and an early adapter when it comes to all things tech, according to the results of the 2012 American Media Mom survey released today by BabyCenter. I had the opportunity to attend this morning’s announcement of the findings.

Moms consume more media than ever, but they do it their way, using more types of devices and shifting from one media format to the other throughout the day.  Rather than being hesitant about new forms of media, they are making the most of them. In fact, moms overindex on ownership and usage of every digital device–including laptops, digital cameras, DVRs and gaming consoles — compared to the general population.

Following are some key findings of how moms compare to the general population in media use:

  • Moms spend twice the amount of time online: 66 hours per month vs. 33% for the general population
  • 80% use social media regularly vs.  55%
  • 65% own smartphones, vs. 47%
  • 23% shop via smartphone, vs. 15%
  • 8% stream video to their phones, vs. 4%

The study surveyed 2500 moms  and other online adults and conducted in-home interviews with moms.