Mom Entrepreneurs: Why They Have What It Takes to Succeed

In recent years, we’ve seen an upswing of so-called “mompreneurs” who are starting their own entrepreneurial ventures and writing an entirely new rule book along the way.

The new generation of moms is trying to have it all: starting their own businesses while raising a family.

In a recent Forbes blog post, entrepreneur and mom Jill Salzman, who started The Founding Moms, the collective of mom entrepreneurs, laid out the reasons why moms make the best entrepreneurs.

“You know that special way moms predict the needs, wants and desires of their children? They can’t. Just like entrepreneurs. We’re really good at taking the hits as they come and figuring it out along the way,” writes Salzman.

Moms are also good at multi-tasking and connecting with other moms in order to spread the word about their business. “Half the battle running any business is getting the word out about a product or service…Women know how to spread the word. We’re naturals,” writes Salzman.

I can relate to what Salzman says, having experienced it myself.

I was assistant director of marketing communications at one of the world’s largest public relations agencies when I became pregnant for the first time. As a mom-to-be, I found myself reading everything I could get my hands on about how to be a good parent and what I needed to buy for my child. In the process, I realized that there were no public relations agencies focusing on the mom market. And so, Child’s Play was born.

That was 25 years ago. A lot has changed in the world – smartphones and Facebook hadn’t yet been invented – but even back then, it was clear to me that being a mom and running my own business was mutually beneficial. My experience as a mom informed my business decisions – especially since Child’s Play Communications markets to moms.

Clearly, I was on to something. According to figures from 2012, there are now 10.1 million mom entrepreneurs and that number is growing by the day.