Marketing Wine to Moms

“Calgon, take me away!” commands a stressed out mom. Suddenly, she is relaxing in a big bubble bath, the ideal escape from daily stresses and household drudgery. The image served as the centerpiece for Calgon’s famous ad in the 1980s. Three decades later, women, particularly moms, are so stressed out that bubbles will no longer suffice. Now wine companies are marketing wine to moms.

The New York Times recently wrote about the trend, saying that brands like MommyJuice, Mommy’s Time Out, and Mad Housewife have emerged to appeal to overwhelmed moms.

The Facebook group “Moms Who Need Wine” has more than 640,000 members.

“If you’re not sure you could survive motherhood without a stockpile of your favorite Red – the you’ve come to the right place!” reads the page description. “Let’s face it, we all LOVE being Moms…But sometimes, enough is enough! And there’s nothing better to bring you down than a little sip from a nice piece of stemware (or the closest sippy cup).

Chateau Ste. Michelle, the flagship brand of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates of Woodinville, Wash., has recently introduced an advertising campaign, which directly targets women. Although the company says they are not focused on moms exclusively, they have taken out ads on (as well as other web sites which appeal to women).

According to The Beverage Information Group, women accounted for 58.1 percent of wine buyers in 2011, although there is no breakdown for how many of those women are mothers.

What do you think about the trend of marketing wine to moms? Does it just make practical business sense? Or are companies capitalizing on stressed out moms who could use more help than a glass of wine?