Marketing to Mobile Moms

marketing to mobile momsI recently wrote about how moms have embraced mobile devices. Not only are they using their phones to text their friends and coordinate playdates, they are also sharing photos, organizing their schedules and shopping. In one recent survey, nearly 9 out of 10 mothers of school-age kids said that having a smartphone has made being a mother easier.

Now a new eMarketer report, “The Mobile-Social Mom: Speeding the Trend Toward ‘Mobile First,’” suggests that moms are accessing their social networks via their mobile devices more than the general population. eMarketer estimates that as many as half of all moms with children under 18 will use mobile devices to access social networks this year.

According to eMarketer, moms may soon become the first demographic group who access social networks more on their mobile device than on their computer.

Moms have gone mobile much faster than the general population. February data from Arbitron and Edison Research showed that 61% of U.S. moms own a smartphone, compared to 44% of total consumers.

In order to connect with moms on social media, marketers must now take into consideration where moms are accessing their social media. We already know that women are more likely to purchase products from brands that they follow on social media and that they are powerful social influencers. Marketers must continue to create engaging compelling content that is accessible on every platform.