Making the Journey A Smooth One this Summer

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Any parent who has undertaken a road trip or start-of-vacation drive has endured this unending, oft times maddening chant from their children. In a Wall Street Journal article, Dan Neill, with sufficient parental angst, ponders the question “Is it wrong to sedate the children with electronics – games, phones, pads, movies, music and head phones?”

The conclusion (no surprise): “No, no. It is not wrong.”

On-board Wi-Fi systems have greatly improved and multiplied in recent years and provide a greater range of entertainment options to occupy the youngsters while affording parents peace and quiet and the ability to stay focused on driving.

Neil prefers devices like navigation systems and video screens to be built in because, in case of an accident, GPS devices, phones and tablets can become flying projectiles. He also cites any number of slings, harnesses and suction cups to secure an iPhone, Garmin GPS or Samsung Galaxy tablet.

And with new cars increasingly equipped with 4G data connections and LCD screens, there are so many more choices. These include 4G LTE data connections for Audi, OnStar 4G LTE on GM vehicles and Chrysler’s touch screen Uconnect. Range Rover’s rear-seat entertainment system even features wireless headphones.

Ultimately, the goal on any trip is to arrive safe and sane – the job made much easier if the kids are occupied.

What do you do to keep the kids occupied on long drives? And what do you think of all these new products?

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