Make Your Brand’s Unique Voice Part of Your ‘Marketing Playbook’

Take a quick look at your list of Facebook friends and consider the many personalities that make up your contacts. There’s the funny one, the one who posts random facts, the one who shares a lot of pictures, the one who knows about fashion or current events; each one has a unique voice that makes them stand out and attracts friends to their updates. The same principle should apply to businesses that maintain social media accounts.

In an ongoing effort to get their messages out or promote their services, some companies post updates that border on robotic because they haven’t fully developed a brand persona. In order for brands to stand out, they must establish a voice that is consistent across all media platforms. This is becoming increasingly important to digital advertisers.

According to an article in OnLine Spin, “This new environment of in-feed advertising is more human and interactive, and requires that brands up their game in levels of interest, relevance, speed and scale. These attributes can’t be realized without strong personas.” So what does this mean for marketers working to establish a brand’s voice? First of all, it involves determining the personality of the company and then developing it further. The article compared this establishment of a persona to a director “arming a large cast of characters” with unique traits.

The voice developed by the team of marketers should also be interesting. It goes without saying that intriguing posts, comments and links attract and retain more attention. This isn’t a new strategy. The MediaPost article indicates that “brand personas are nothing new. They’ve long been part of many brand marketing playbooks. But new digital advertising environments are forcing a new standard that favors a more authentic voice and personality of ‘someone interesting I want to know’ versus the voice of a faceless institution.”

Finally, conjuring up a strong personality for a client adds credibility. When you establish this voice and begin to earn the trust of consumers and fans on social media, it allows you to get your message out more effectively because you’ve already captured their attention.