Looking Back at 2015: Trends that Impact Moms

For moms, dads and those who market to them, 2015 has been quite a year. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting trends impacting parents:

  • Parental leave. Silicon Valley made news in recent months when it acknowledged that some of its employees were starting families and actually wanted to spend time with them. Companies including Spotify and Netflix announced generous maternity and paternity leave policies. At Facebook, which offers four months of paid parental leave, CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed his intent to take two months of his own upon the birth of his daughter.
  • Mobile domination. The fact that moms rely on their phones is nothing new. They’ve used smart phones to organize their lives ever since – well, ever since smartphones were invented. What’s notable is the degree to which they are now using them for shopping. According to a recent study by Baby Center, 64% of moms completed a purchase via mobile phone in 2015 – a 33% increase over 2014. In addition, 79% said they used mobile while in brick and mortar stores, to check prices among retailers and scan for coupons.
  • Video advice. Moms are increasingly turning to video for information. Google recently partnered with Ipsos and TNS to identify moms’ video viewership habits and determined that 58% of moms search YouTube for video content on products before deciding to make a purchase. After making a purchase, moms turn to videos for additional information about the product they bought.
  • The death of Gen X. Moms ages 35+, we hate to break the bad news, but no one loves you anymore. Today’s marketers only speak Millennial.
  • The rise of Gen Z. And now that all marketers are focused on Millennials, Gen Z is approaching adulthood.
  • Girl power. To many moms’ delight, Target eliminated its Boys’ Toys/Girls’ Toys signage. The #ILookLIkeAnEngineer meme made a major splash on social media and female superheroes took flight. My favorite among the year’s girl power phenomena: The recent GoldieBlox video featuring little girls portraying powerful women. (Notorious RBG—you rule!)
  • Helicopter tech. For all those stressed out Silicon Valley new parents (and anxious moms and dads everywhere), technology now allows you to keep much closer track of your child’s health and daily activities. This year introduced devices and apps that report a child’s heart rate, sleep pattern, how well they are brushing their teeth, their exact location at any given moment, and much, much more straight to a parent’s mobile phone. As if we weren’t all spending enough time on our phones already.

The takeaways? Tech rules…and so do girls. Happy holidays!