Kids Today Conference


On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Kids Today conference in San Antonio, on how companies in the children’s home furnishings industry can – and should – work with mommy bloggers to market products. There was, happily, clear interest in the topic, meaning these manufacturers and retailers alike understand the influence bloggers have on the community of moms. Thank you to Kids Today magazine for the invitation and to members of the audience for your feedback.


Marketers, what have you learned in your dealings with mom bloggers – what experiences would you like to share?


Mom bloggers, what would you like marketers to know about the dos and don’ts of working with you most effectively?

  • Marketers need to realize that our families come first, so it’s nice to be flexible, especially in regard to time. If you have a finite deadline, let us know, otherwise we promise we WILL send you a link when it’s posted. Keeping tabs on which products work well for our families is also great. It’s hard to think a marketer is actually reading my blog if they keep trying to push teen-related stuff on me– my kids are 19 months and 5. That being said, if you don’t read my blog, don’t pretend you do. It’s kind of creepy.

  • Naomi, thanks for your input here — the more we can all learn directly from mom bloggers themselves, the better. You also touched on a key point I made during the Kids Today Conference: Companies need to pay attention to the age range covered by individual bloggers — it makes no sense to promote, say, furniture designed for tweens to/via moms of infants who are only interested in infant products. The flip side is that some mom bloggers with children in a particular age range choose to cover a broader spectrum of products — but, to your point, the only way to really know who does what is to regularly read the blogs.

  • I know it would be silly to think that any marketer could keep up with every blog they contact (I have trouble keeping up with all the ones I follow in my reader) but it definitely seems disingenuous when they insert my kids’ names gratuitously or pointedly mention specific posts. I appreciate anyone taking the time to read my blog but sometimes it feels like they’re using a bloggy version of Cliffs’ Notes!