Keeping Up With The Mom Market

American author Sarah Josepha Hale once said: “No influence is so powerful as that of a mother.” She may have written that in the 1800s, but her words ring true today, especially to those of us tasked with marketing products and services to one of the most powerful demographics out there – moms.

Theoretically, selling to moms is simple – they’re always looking to invest in anything that’s branded as being in the best interest of their family, right? Not so much. Contrary to some lines of thinking, moms are really a tough sell. But they’re an extremely important target.

In a recent Forbes article, author Steve Olenski writes, “I am here today to help all those in the marketing and advertising world know which demographic they need to be speaking to and making friends with, developing and maintaining a relationship with and all in all keeping happy for all eternity. Four simple letters. M*O*M*S.”

Moms make the majority of the decisions regarding household purchases. Everything from furniture and bath towels to what gets packed in children’s lunchboxes is decided by moms who not only keep their eyes open for the best bargains, but for the goods and services that will best serve their families. MarketingProfs Blogger Andrea Barrett breaks it down by explaining how moms think.

Moms, Barrett says, are distracted – they don’t have the time or the patience to deal with anything that might slow them down, so when it comes to weeding through tons of information, they’re going to go for simplicity. Moms are notoriously fierce multi-taskers. They need to be grabbed quickly but not overwhelmed with details. However, they’re also savvy shoppers and they really do their homework (when they’re not helping with their kids’ latest assignments). Moms research stuff. They go online, they check out websites and Facebook pages for products they’re considering.

Another interesting point Barrett raises that’s worth noting is that moms have ever-changing views and opinions. As PR professionals, we know that watching trends is key. It’s why we not only read everything related to moms, but regularly implement our own research. Everything from moms’ opinions on organic produce to what their favorite baby gear is can shift from week to week.

So what does all of this tell us about marketing to moms? First and foremost, keep it simple—prioritize your messages. And realize that there’s no set formula – a mom’s world changes faster than the speed at which her kids’ rooms can go from neat to disaster.