It’s Teletubbies Time!

SMALL_DSC_5135What’s purple, red, green and yellow, known for Big Hugs and says Eh-Oh?

Why the Teletubbies, of course! One of the most iconic children’s TV programs of all time, the Teletubbies is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Child’s Play Communications is delighted to be handling the public relations and social influencer outreach for this milestone event.

On March 27th we organized a bus tour of New York City for all four characters, making stops at iconic sights including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Flatiron Building, Times Square and Central Park. We were amazed at the reactions of children and adults alike – from the messenger who leaped off his bike to pose with the fantastic foursome, to the little ones who threw their arms around them, to shopkeepers who ran out of their shops to get in on the fun. Normally blasé New Yorkers whipped out cellphone cameras at every turn. Among the most memorable moments: One young man started to cry after embracing the colorful characters.

The next day, March 28th, was the grand kids-and-media gala, held with a view of the Hudson River and featuring a menu that highlighted Tubby-tastic foods such as Chips & Dips à la Dipsy, and of course the famous Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard (complete with healthy toppings). There were even custom-made drinks, one in each of the Tubby’s four colors, for toasting the guests of honor, along with a 4-tiered cake that featured the characters in 3D. Joining the show’s stars for the event were some of Broadways’ best and brightest kid stars, who engaged the younger guests in dancing along to the Teletubbies Big Hugs video.  Children also had the opportunity to take photos with the Teletubbies, play with bubbles, balloons, the new Teletubbies learning app from Built Games and toys from Spin Master, get their faces painted, and enjoy a special preview of Season 2 of the new, reimagined Teletubbies, coming soon to Nick Jr.

Our thanks to People magazine, Newsweek, Good Day NY TV and other media for their coverage of this very special Teletubbies anniversary.