iPad Helps Disabled Kids

 Last week I posted about iPhones as kids’ favorite toy.  Just this Sunday, there was an article about the IPad and kids, but from a very different perspective.  Apparently, the iPad has proven a godsend to children with disabilities.

For children who don’t have the strength to maneuver  a computer mouse or are unable to communicate by using other devices,  the iPad offers a solution.  It has become a popular therapeutic tool for a broad range of disabilities.  A speech pathologist has used text-to-speech applications to give patients a voice. A teenager used it when a spinal injury caused his hands to clench into fists. According to the article, “Parents of autistic children are using applications to teach them basic skills, such as brushing teeth and communicating better.”  Studies are underway to test its effectiveness.  

Another plus: the iPad is often less expensive than other tools specifically designed to help the disabled speak, read or write.

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