To Instagram or not to Instagram is no Longer a Question

For the past several plus years, my team has successfully managed the social properties of our clients.  Many of these clients were convinced from the start that Facebook and Twitter would efficiently increase engagement from their existing customers and prospects, but many were reluctant to jump on the Instagram band wagon.  Some didn’t know enough about the impact it could have, others were concerned about the inability to embed links but most simply didn’t understand the power of the visual.

Recently we’ve seen this behavior change and for good reason.  In a recent story in Fast Company, author Alice Truong cites a new study by startup Olapic and research firm L2 stating that Instagram is the social network that has “seen the fastest growth, most engagement, and highest conversion from browser to shopper.”

What we explain to our clients about moms specifically, is that they are a very visual consumer base.  Moms love to take photos, share photos and look at photos of everything they have bought or want to buy for their kids.  Instagram is a medium that cuts through the clutter and focuses on an image instead of words.  In a world where we are overwhelmed with information, a single visual can be a very powerful and refreshing thing.

The  article goes on to include some very interesting statistics I’ve listed below.  Have you embraced Instagram for your brand? If not, why have you hesitated?

  • Engagement on Instagram is 15 times that of Facebook.
  • Instagram receives 1000 comments and 8500 likes per second or 1.2 billion likes per day
  • Instagram has an average of 55 million photos uploaded daily
  • The number of Instagram users has increased 66% to 32 million users, making it the fasting growing of the top 10 mobile apps
  • Instagram ads have helped retailers increase ad recall by 32% and brand message lift by 10%