The Importance of Visuals

In a world where content is abundant, there’s no question that compelling images are the way to grab an audience’s attention.  People are flooded with status updates, tweets, texts and articles and simply don’t have the time (or the attention span) to read that many words anymore, especially online and especially from brands.

As an agency that specializes in social media, we’re always trying to think of ways to incorporate compelling imagery into our clients’ campaigns.

FastCompany compiled a quick guide to design, noting that it’s more important now more than ever to place just as much importance on visuals as we do on our words.  Points to consider:

  • Are your images amateur and pixilated? 

You might as well include a caption broadcasting a habit of cutting corners in sacrifice of quality.

  • Are your headlines painfully bright and typeset in unsightly capitals?

Making reading more challenging probably isn’t the invite your audience has been waiting for.

  • Are your design cues scattered and inconsistent?

Why should prospects assume the nature of your product or service will be any different?

What are some of your own guidelines for images – for your clients’ campaigns, or on your own blog and social channels?