The Importance of Marketing to ‘Millennial Moms’

Who is the millennial mom?

According to an article on, “Millennial moms are defined as women born between ‘82 (some definitions say ‘78) and ‘94. They make the majority of the household decisions and many hold a full-time job. They are very active on social media, savvy with new and upcoming technology, and have a disposable budget to spend.” The fact that they call the shots in terms of purchases isn’t surprising. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Child’s Play Communications clearly shows that moms remain the major household purchasing decision maker in about 80% of families.

Millennial moms make up a significant part of our target audience. In fact, 1 in 5 mothers today fall into this category, which opens the door to a lot of marketing opportunities. The question for brands is, What is the best way to reach this important demographic?

Social media and technology are key. Women in this age group are rarely far from their smartphones, tablets or computers. They depend on them for everything from connecting to family and friends to searching for restaurant menus and researching products they plan to purchase online. According to the article, millennial moms spend more than 17 hours a week on social media. But they go beyond just checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites. The article points out that “these moms don’t simply communicate with friends and family on social, but they’re looking for recommendations from other moms, reviews of products, creative ideas, helpful solutions to everyday problems, and much more.”

That being said, it’s clear that social media and online campaigns are essential for conveying messages to this particular group of women. Brands and their marketers should be monitoring millennial moms’ social activity and looking for ways to connect with them on this level, where they’re most comfortable and receptive to the messages we’re trying to send.