Helping Teens Deal with Social Media Stress

There’s no doubt that it’s tough to be a teen. Between hormones, peer pressure and a multitude of other stressors, teens now have to deal with with cyberbullying, online predators and the added stress of their latest Instagram photo or the number of friends they have on Facebook. A recent Huffington Post Parents article even cites a study that identifies teens as the most stressed people in America!

More studies show that the pressure of maintaining an online image and present a perfect image can lead to anxiety and even depression among teens, who are particularly susceptible. Here at CPC, we pay close attention to these trends in social media – and even closer attention when they relate to parenting.

Mom and author Kristen Race, Ph.D. offered parents (via HuffPo Parents) some solutions on how to help teens deal with this stress. Some are as follows:

  • Educate yourself as to what the latest social media sites are, and how they are used.
  • Have a conversation with your entire family about social media.
  • Set realistic time parameters on their social media engagement.
  • Remove the temptation at night, or help them plan a social networking detox.

What measures do you take to help your teen deal with the stress of social media? What about stress in general?