Has Facebook Changed The Way We Relate?

If you’re older than 25, you probably remember a time when people met up with friends in person—or at least called to chat on the phone. Social media, and Facebook in particular, has not only changed the way we connect with friends and family, but it’s changed the way we relate to them too.

In some ways, we have become more open and honest thanks to social media. Rather than carefully weighing our words before writing a letter, as we would have in the past, we impetuously send a text or post on a friend’s Facebook wall.

Social media brings greater transparency to relationships, according to a recent study of 2,000 British Facebook users by OnePoll. 36% of the respondents said they told fewer lies since joining the social media network and 53% said that lies are easier to detect because of Facebook. 51% said they are “extra careful” about what they post on social media networks and 34% said they hide their login info from friends and family specifically to conceal lies.

Facebook has played a role in other sweeping changes on social life. 60% of the poll’s respondents said that Facebook has replaced photo albums as a place for storing memories and the same number said they use social media instead of relying on a diary.

While 48% of respondents said that social networks can help them make new friends, interestingly, 52% of respondents said they wish they could travel back in time before Facebook existed. Certainly, life was simpler then—or was it?

What do you think? Has Facebook complicated life or simplified it? In what ways do you relate to people differently since joining Facebook?