Halloween Survey 2012

The countdown to Halloween continues. As we gear up to the spooky holiday, we wanted to take a look at how moms spend money, entertain, and decorate for the holiday. We surveyed 300 moms (95.3% of them have children between 0-13) to find out their true feelings about Halloween.

We found that moms like Halloween and the majority plan to dress up in a costume and attend a Halloween party. Here are more specific findings:

  • Most respondents (35.3%) said they planned to spend between $51-100 on Halloween purchases, and 30% estimated spending between $26-50 for Halloween. Nine percent planned to spend more than $150 and 4% expected to spend more than $200. Only 12.7% expected to spend less than $25 on Halloween purchases this year.
  • The overwhelming majority of moms (67.3%) plan to shop both online and in-store for Halloween purchases. A meager 6.7% said they would only shop online, while 28.3% said they would only shop in-store.
  • Sixty one percent of respondents expected to spend about the same amount of money as they spent last year on Halloween, but 18.3% anticipated spending more money than last year and 20.7% expected to spend less than last year.
  • Moms expect to spend by far the most of their money on costumes (67%), with candy (14%) a distant second, followed by decorations (11.7%), food (5.3%) and special effects (1%).
  • 59.3% of moms plan to attend a Halloween party this year and 54% of them plan to wear a Halloween costume.
  • The majority of respondents (77%) think children should be at least 12 years old before they go trick-or-treating on their own, while 12% thought that 10 was old enough—and a few outliers said even younger was okay.
  • Most respondents (24%) felt that children are too old to trick-or-treat by the time they turn 18. But 4.7% felt that 12-year-olds are too old for trick-or-treating. The rest of the mothers felt that kids should stop trick-or-treating somewhere between age 13-17.
  • The overwhelming majority of moms said they like Halloween because “it’s fun to decorate;” “the kids get so excited about their costumes;” and “I can act like a kid.” A couple of moms said they’re not into the “spooky stuff;” “the kids get too wild;” and “we end up with too much candy.”

How do YOU feel about Halloween?