FTC Guidelines Launch Dec. 1

After all the sturm and drang initially surrounding the threat of  FTC guidelines for bloggers, the sentiment on the day before they are scheduled to go into effect seems to be: “no big deal.”  Bloggers worth their weight long ago began posting disclosure policies, some in anticipation of Dec. 1, others even before. At Child’s Play Communications, we have specifically asked our Team Mom network of bloggers to indicate when we have supplied product for review.  While neither publicists nor bloggers may be convinced that disclosure is entirely necessary — as one blogger put it, “My readers are not stupid, they know I’m not going out and buying all this stuff myself” — the fact is that it evens the playing field. Bloggers who do not clarify their relationship with companies and agencies — i.e., those who do not disclose, whether from ignorance or obstinance — will instantly classify themselves as unprofessional. Unfortunately, “unprofessional” is a term that has been increasingly applied to mommy bloggers in the past year or so; a clear disclosure statement is one way for moms in social media to demonstrate that they mean business.