For Working Moms, Flexibility Equals Happiness

These days, more often than not, moms have jobs. They have careers. But which jobs produce the happiest moms? According to a feature on, pharmacist, biotech and clerical careers top the list of professions that lead to satisfaction among moms.

These findings result from a survey of 60,000 women conducted by online professional community CareerBliss. The survey asked women to comment in an effort to uncover the 10 “happiest” jobs for working mothers.

The top 10 careers that made moms happiest, listed in order from 1-10, are: Pharmacist, Biotech, Administrative/Clerical, Accounting, Telecommunications, Human Resources, Strategy/Planning, Business Development, Quality Control and Information Technology.

So what is it that makes mom happy on her career path? According to the survey results, one of the top components to a “happy job” is flexibility. And when flexibility wasn’t available, the results show that a regular, predictable schedule is almost as important. That predictability enables better planning, and planning is a huge part of parenting. Managing school schedules, shuttling kids to and from sports, rehearsals and other activities requires moms to perform juggling maneuvers that would rival any Ringling Bros. act. This plays into the constant struggle among working parents to maintain that often elusive work-life balance.

In addition, the survey suggests that moms appreciate jobs that allow them to “flex their intellectual and creative muscles, while also maintaining the balance they need to parent young children.” Happy moms also value the opportunity for advancement and a good salary. These job qualities may sound obvious and they’re certainly not unique to working moms, but they’re still very important.

The survey results aren’t shocking. The list of “happiest” jobs tells us what we already know: moms need flexibility; they want to be paid well, they want their work to be valued and above all, they want to be able to continue their careers while still doing what they do best – be moms.