Fitness Survey Results

Whether they’re working in or out of their homes, moms are busy – doing phone conferences, food shopping, carpooling, setting up playdates, cooking dinner, and returning e-mails. How do they manage to take care of themselves and stay fit?

We recently conducted a survey (via social media) where we asked moms how fit they are and how much they exercise. Out of 230 moms (214 with children 0 to 13), only 3.5% describe themselves as  “very fit,” while 8.3% say they are “totally unfit.” 46.7% of respondents said they are “sort of fit” and 40.6% said they are “not very fit.” In other words, very few of the moms consider themselves very fit and a majority considers themselves unfit.

Amazingly, even though moms are so busy, the majority of respondents (35.8%) say they manage to exercise twice a week. Another 30.6% said they only exercise once a week if they can find the time, while an impressive 7.9% exercises daily. 23.1% of respondents said they couldn’t remember the last time they exercised.

The overwhelming majority (62%) of respondents say they walk for exercise, followed by exercising to a video or using a Wii (43.2%), running or biking outside (17%), and going to the gym (14%). A whopping 22.7% said, “running after the kids is all the exercise I get.”

The vast majority of moms (72.5%) said their bodies “could use some work” and 23.1% said they “can’t stand the way I look and feel.” Only 3.1% of moms responded saying they feel great about their body, saying they “never felt better.”

A little more than half of respondents (51.5%) said they would like to lose some weight, while 32.8% said they would “like to lose a lot of weight.” Only 14% of moms said they were “happy with my weight,” while 1.7% said they were underweight.

Having children has changed the majority of moms’ attitudes about health with 28.8% saying they take better care of themselves since having kids and 35.8% saying they take worse care of themselves since having kids.

“I always put my children ahead of me. Then I am too tired to worry about myself,” responded one mom.

When it comes to their kids, the vast majority of moms (70.7%) said their children are as fit as they could be, while 29.3% said they weren’t as fit as they could be.

When asked, “what have you done to encourage your kids to become more fit?” the majority (82.5%) said they “made sure they spend time playing outside instead of just watching TV or playing on the computer.” The majority of respondents said that they have enrolled their kids in sports or other physical activities in order to encourage fitness.

“I show them exercise I do and encourage them to do it with me,” said one mom.

Clearly, moms are working to try to find a balance between taking care of their kids and taking care of themselves. Many of the moms said that this is the year they plan to get in shape.

“I just joined the gym. While I currently walk as often as I can, I’m hoping that the new membership will bring great things,” wrote one mom.

How do you manage to stay in shape?