Facebook Fatigue: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

Marketers who have built their social media strategy around Facebook may reconsider their focus as Facebook users have started to grow weary with the social network.

A recent study from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that 61% of Facebook users have voluntarily taken a break of several weeks or more from Facebook at one time or another.

The largest group of Facebook users who have taken a break from the site said they needed to take a “Facebook vacation” because they were busy with other aspects of life. No doubt, some Facebook users are experiencing social media overload given the increased competition from relatively new social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Other reasons cited for Facebook breaks were lack of interest in Facebook (10%), an absence of compelling content (10%), excessive gossip or “drama” from their friends (9%), or concerns that they were spending too much time on the site (8%).

The statistic that might concern marketers (and Facebook) the most, though, is 20% — that’s the percentage of online adults who do not currently use Facebook, but say they once did.

Marketers certainly shouldn’t abandon Facebook any time soon, but they should be sure to spread their content over various social media platforms.

Meanwhile, in order to combat “Facebook fatigue,” Facebook recently unveiled a new version of its Newsfeed, which emphasizes larger images. Do you think the newsfeed will help to stave off Facebook fatigue?