Easy as ABC

Motherhood necessitates invention, and a visit last week to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas offered a chance to experience the newest creations the juvenile products industry has to offer. Some highlights:

  • Combi’s Go and Grow 3-in-1 product grows with your child – from a stationery activity center to a walker to a play table and chairs. Very practical.
  • Tegu introduced a new package size and price range to its wonderful line of wood building blocks that connect with magnets.
  • Little Gym, anexperiential learning and physical development center, is launching a line of toys that lets kids “get physical” in ways that encourage them to exercise both mind and body. Could be the start of a whole new toy category…
  • The black and white polka dot pattern in BabyBjorn’s new Limited Edition Dots collection of bouncers and baby carriers was just my style. (It even matched the shoes I was wearing.)
  • Baby food makers have been omnipresent in recent years. Nuk’s new Smoothie and Baby Food Maker lets mom continue to prepare nutritious meals in a convenient way once her little one has outgrown the infant food stage.
  • Monster Defense is a scented spray to keep away the monsters under the bed and in the closet. Love the idea. Will moms buy it?
  • Green Toys is launching a “gender neutral” — non pink– tea set. It will be interesting to see consumer reaction.
  • While tech products were in the minority at this show, there were a few items of interest. Infanttech’s Always in View baby monitor now come wireless and encased in a plush toy that can be used anywhere — including the car — to keep an eye on baby.
  • Speaking of plush toys, Pawd Pet introduced one to store, carry and protect iPhones, via a tech-safe magnet in its belly.
  • Mimo, my favorite new tech brand, presented its vision for a “smart nursery.'” This includes the Smart Baby Monitor, a wearable that reports baby’s sleep activity, body position and skin temperature to a smart phone or device, enabling alerts when baby rolls over, wakes up or has irregular breathing. It is also launching a bottle that warms your baby’s milk as soon as she wakes.
  • BooginHead introduced washable, reusable and recyclable plastic snack packs—a nice option for all those who care about the environment.
  • Re-Play, meanwhile, showed a colorful child’s tableware line made entirely of recycled milk jugs.

Needless to say, I’m eager to see which of these products moms respond to.