Coupon Queens

Are you a coupon queen?

Moms love coupons. Stats show that coupon and discount-themed blogs are among the most popular for women.

And no wonder. According to the USDA, a household of four spends between $524 and $1,014 per month on groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies. As one way to manage those costs, couponing redemption increased 27% to 3.3 billion in 2009, and the total value of all CPG coupons distributed in the U.S. in 2010 reached $485 billion, up 13.9% from $426 billion the prior year.

Moms, do you regularly use coupons? Do you do so now more than in the past, and will you continue to do so once the economy improves? What kinds of products do you use coupons for?

Marketers, how have your couponing programs changed and what do you see for the future?