Content and Convenience are King for Kids Watching Video

According to a recent study, video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu are not only competing with children’s television networks – they’re winning.

Here at Child’s Play, we’ve worked with traditional networks such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, as well as the digital screen-time monitoring service Kidobi and Toopy and Binoo, a Canadian television property that we helped launch exclusively on YouTube in the U.S.  Therefore, this topic is definitely near and dear to us!

One of the most interesting reasons for this shift in viewing preferences – and one we’ve always known to be true – is that content is king. The reality is that children don’t really care about where they’re finding or viewing their favorite shows, as long as they love the shows.

Another interesting aspect to this shift is that convenience and portability are now key values for parents when looking for kid-friendly entertainment. As families become even more over-scheduled and moms rely more than ever on mobile devices, having unlimited quality entertainment on-the-go has become a crucial parenting tool!

Do your children prefer watching videos on YouTube and Netflix, or traditional networks like Disney Channel and Nickelodeon? Or are they indifferent as long as they like the show?