Bloggers Brunch Excitement Builds!

We are SO excited here at Child’s Play Communications. Response to our upcoming second annual Bloggers Brunch on Nov. 11 in NYC  is better than we could have imagined. Not only do we have 50 wonderful moms attending this event, but we have a line-up of sponsors that makes my head spin!

The best part: Kicking off the Brunch for the first time this year is a panel presentation by six top-of-the line bloggers. The subject: What Does a Mommy Blogger Want? Our speakers:

Liz Gumbinner, Cool Mom Picks
Debbie Bookstaber, Mamanista
Melissa Chapman, Kids in the City, WCBS-TV parenting blogger, Real Moms Guide, NYC Moms
Jo-Lynne Shane, Musings of a Housewife, Chic Critique
Kimberly Coleman, Mom in the City
Danielle Friedland, creator and former editor-in-chief, Celebrity Baby Blog

Our sponsors: Nickelodeon, Cuisinart, FujiFilm, Good Housekeeping, Goddard Schools, Joy Berry Enterprises, the Toy Industry Association — and  the Orlando/Orange Country Convention & Visitors Bureau,which is joining us for the second year in a row.   All these sponsors have terrific information to share with our blogger guests — and great raffle prizes, too!

For more information on the Brunch, click here. If you’re a company/publicist/marketer and would like to attend the panel presentation, please register here. If you’re a mom blogger and would like to be on our waiting list for Brunch spaces, comment below and provide your email. Thanks!