Does Beyoncé Influence your Parenting Choices?

Whether we admit it or not, celebrities influence our purchasing decisions.  Marketers and public relations professionals know that getting product into the hands of the right celebrity, having the photograph to prove it and then flaunting it in the media is a recipe for success.  The consumer wants, needs, has to have what her favorite celebrity covets, because if that celeb has it, then it’s something special.

It’s no surprise, then, that the latest trendsetter is the celebrity mom.  Expectant moms everywhere are relying as much on the pages of their weekly tabloids as on the traditional parenting resources to select items for their registry.  Brands with little to no marketing investments are propelling to stardom because of the celebrity mom who wrapped her baby in this swaddle or kept her diapers in this diaper bag.

Fast Company recently ran a story on Aden & Anais*, a Brooklyn based company known for beautifully crafted muslin swaddle blankets.  According to the story, Aden & Anais has grown 355% in the past three years and has never invested a dime in marketing.  The secret to its success – mom word-of-mouth and yes, celebrity moms.  Several months ago, the company experienced its biggest unsolicited endorsement yet — Duchess Kate carrying infant George in an Aden & Anais swaddle.  Yet while flattered and aware of the fact that the sighting was “the ultimate PR and marketing opportunity,” CEO Reagan Moya-Jones claims it didn’t change her business.

It seems that the ultimate win is the combination of validation from parenting experts and everyday moms plus an organic celebrity fan base.  As a mom, would you purchase a car seat for your baby because Kim Kardashian carried little Nori in the same one?  Is celebrity enough to influence your choices for your most precious commodity or should marketers of mom/baby products steer clear of these endorsements?