Behind the Wheel

What features attract moms and dads who are car shopping? Following are some key findings from a recent report about parent preferences from the organization

  • Parents’ Must-Have Tech Gadget: Rear Back-up Camera. The rear back-up camera scored the highest marks among parents polled because it offers a great sense of security regarding anyone or anything potentially behind the vehicle. 39.3% of parents said this would be their first choice in a tech gadget, followed by the ability to synch all electronics in the vehicle (21.7%).
  •  Most Overrated Car Feature: Cool box. Of all the features available in cars today that are important to parents, including safety, functionality and technology, 42.4% of parents said they felt the cool box was the most overrated feature in a car. The cool box allows parents to keep food, beverages and other child essentials chilled during trips. 
  •  Given the Choice Between Optional 3rd Row Seats or DVD Package: Optional 3rd Row Seats. 47.3% of parents chose optional 3rr row seats over the DVD package (38.6% with 14.1% saying neither)

 Some other discoveries:

  •  Most Surprising Vehicle: Mazda 5 Crossover. Parents love its ability to seat up to six passengers comfortably, the ease of getting car seats in and out, the abundance of storage space and a USB jack for technology favorites. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 the best, the Mazda 5 Crossover received an average score of 8.3. 
  •  Best Sedan Choice: Ford Fusion Hybrid. Packed with features, this vehicle scored highest marks out of all sedans because of its full array of creature comforts along with its impressive fuel economy. It also offers a rear back-up camera and rear sensors, plus technology features that allow families to charge gadgets during the trip. On a scale of 1-10, the Ford Fusion Hybrid received a score of 7.9.