Back Off, Dad: Mom Knows Best (?)

Shared parenting? Ideal as the concept may sound, a recent study found that co-parenting often leads to conflict rather than cooperation. In other words, when dad steps up to help raise the kids, mom may not approve of his approach.

Ohio State researchers studied 112 Midwestern families with 4-year-olds, then looked at the families again a year later. The study found that when dad took responsibility for certain tasks, spouses often undermined each other’s parenting skills and techniques. According to Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, co-author of the study, “it’s hard to break out of more traditional  gender roles…when you have two parents highly invested in care giving, there’s an opportunity to step on each other’s toes.”

Moms, what’s your take on this? Are you guilty of criticizing how the man of the house does his fathering? And how do you  solve your disagreements?