Are Women More Generous than Men?

When it comes to charitable donations, women tend to be more giving, according to a recent study by the Women’s Philanthropic Institute at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. Women of all income groups are more likely to donate, and in four of five groups, they give more than men.

Why? “Women have just been socialized as the caregivers in their families to be more empathetic and altruistic,” according to Debra Mesch, the Institute’s director. In addition, she noted that wealth, education and income are the primary factors for philanthropy, and that women have shown real gains in those areas.

In what the study refers to as its middle range of income, $43,500 to $67,532, the average amount donated by women was $728, compared with $373 for men. For more on the subject, visit here.

Readers, who is the more generous in your family when it comes to charity? Why?