Ages & Stages: Moms Online


How do moms’ activities online vary according to mothers’ ages and ethnic backgrounds? Here are some interesting findings, from yesterday’s Brandweek:



  • Moms 25-54 with at least one child under the age of 18 at home account for approximately 19% of the total online population.


  • Moms ages 40-50 with three or more children at home are heavy online shoppers.


  • Mothers 25-35 with at least one child at home are also heavy online shoppers, but social networking is much more significant.


  • Those moms (25-35) are 85% more likely to spend time with Facebook compared to the average online consumer (vs. 23% more likely for moms 39-54).


  • African-American moms are more inclined to read articles online (68%) and listen to music (45%), while Caucasian moms favor social networks (45%) and message boards (43%).


  • Among Hispanic moms, blogs were the top choice (55%), and social networks were second (42%).